Of the Elkhorn Slough Explore the beauty of the Elkhorn Slough Marine Reserve in our elegant, electric powered launch, Selkie II. Cruise in Comfort and Style!
Selkie II is the perfect platform for Bird Watching! “Welcome aboard, relax and enjoy nature like you never have before!”  Remember kids to keep your distance from all marine mammals.  Help keep wild animals wild! We keep our seating limited to ensure the best experience for our guests. So Buy your tickets now! Call Zerve at 800-979-3370 (or 212-209-3370 for international callers)!  buy tickets at zerve Book Your Tickets Now on-line or call  (888) 989-2287 (or 212-209-3370 for international callers)! buy tickets now! Team Ocean and Baynet need your help! Donate to the California Marine Sanctuary Foundation by clicking here! Call Now!  (888) 989-2287 Elkhorn Slough is one of the premier bird watching sites in the western United States. More than 340 species visit or find permanent refuge here, a remarkable number given the slough’s relatively small size. This roster of birds includes several rare and endangered species, such as the Brown Pelican, Snowy Plover, and Peregrine Falcon. The tremendous number and variety of birds at the slough attracts thousands of bird watchers from across the country each year. (Elkhorn Slough.org)
           8:00am, 11:00am & 2:00pm for only $49.99 per person! www.whispercharters.com .
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